Looking back on 2017

So 2017 is coming to an end, and every single year I say the same thing: how has this year gone by so fast? I remember the first of January like it was just yesterday and we are almost celebrating the new year yet again. I wanted to reflect on this year, such an original idea for a post, I know, but I absolutely love reading what everyone’s achieved this year and what lessons their taking to next. I’m going to go month by month and while these achievements might be very small, I still love every single one.



I started the year of right with my two best friends by my side. Will, a friend I don’t get to see nearly enough as we live in different countries, and of course my boyfriend. No matter what anyone says, he is also my best friend, because why would you not want to be with your best friend everyday? We celebrated the new year by partying in the town where me and Will grew up, staying up till 7 in the mornin’. We had a blast. I also walked the caminito del rey for the second time – you can read all about what that is here – and showed my family the beauties. That month I also passed my driving theory test and joined a bootcamp so I started working out once a week, later two. At the end of the month I was called for a temporary job which I am still at now and I come in whenever I am needed.


February was a quite month in terms of memorable events but my mum and sister came over during my sister’s holidays so that was fun. At the end of the month me and my boyfriend went to the Harry Potter exhibition at a cinema nearby and it was all so beautifully made!


I went to my first ever vegan food festival and got a stomach ache from eating too much junkfood, but it was definitely all worth it. I voted for the national elections for the very first time, ever. I had voted before for a referendum, but never for the national elections. Most importantly of course, me and my boyfriend celebrated our one year anniversary!


April was a month of renovating and moving. My dad officially bought the flat in Holland he had bid on at the end of 2016, and it was finally ours! We spent almost the whole month of April renovating it, taking down the paint, building a hall, painting it, cleaning it, and eventually moving in all the furniture. In the middle of moving in my sister in law gave birth to her first child, making me a second time aunt! He’s the cutest little baby and I can’t wait to see how he is when he grows up.


May was also not very eventful, except one big thing did happen, and that is: I passed my driving test, in one go! I was so proud as I had only had 20 lessons of 1 hour and a lot of my family admitted they thought I was never going to make it with such a small amount.


At the beginning of June we started renting the spare room to another student, giving me another house mate. I completed my first year at uni successfully and I went to the greatest festival of the year, Defqon 1.


July was probably the best month of the year due to one big thing happening. I started this very blog! It is probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as this blog as given me so much happiness. Apart from spending most of my July blogging and getting to know some other bloggers, both my parents also came to Holland and I got to see a lot of family during this month.


I spent most of my time in Spain during August, with my sister and her family. My boyfriend also joined me during my last week there. We had so much fun and I loved showing my sister’s children, whom had never been in an aeroplane, let alone Spain, the place where I grew up. At the end of the month one of the most exciting things happened, my boyfriend moved in with me! We had been talking about it for a while and eventually he was kind of forced to move in earlier than planned because his parents were moving further away, but I am so glad we did.


In September I went to see the second Harry Potter movie in concert, meaning there was one of the best Dutch orchestras in front of the big screen playing the music of the film live. I got goosebumps every time they started playing. The 29th was my birthday and I celebrated it having a dinner with family.


I started looking to study abroad next year, went to a lot of informational conferences. Me and my boyfriend went on a weekend away to my aunts vacation house, which was a well needed weekend getaway for us both.


At the beginning I did my very first blog post collab! Me and Hollie Georgie talked about our favourite highlighters and foundations! It was so nice to work with another blogger. Since then I’ve also done a collab with Lulu Loves and I hope there’s many more to come in 2018. I bought Christmas bedding, which I am absolutely in love with and I am dreading the day I am going to have to take it off. Me and my boyfriend put up the Christmas tree, for both of us it was the first time actually our own Christmas tree and not our parents’. The very last day of November I submitted my application to study abroad in England next year! I will be hearing back from that at the end of January or beginning of February.


We have come to the last month, the month filled with festivities. This was the first month I have embraced the Christmas spirit this much. I have been wearing a Christmas jumper every day up until boxing day, I have watched a lot of Christmas movies and went to my first ever Christmas market in Holland. It was my boyfriends birthday and we celebrated with his best friend. I saw my favourite comedian for the second time, Sara Kroos, she was hilarious, even my boyfriend found her truly funny, and he’s not that easy to please. Finally, most importantly, I have decided that I want to definitely keep blogging in 2018 and I want to grow my blog even more. I want to work hard on it as I just really enjoy it.

How has your year been? What are some things you are proud of and some lessons you’ve learned?




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